Over the past few months, I have noticed that I have pulled away from my closest friends and from people in general. Not because of anything that they’ve done but because I have been overwhelmed and wanted time for myself. I really feel that I have hit a huge milestone in my life and that if I don’t change this path, I will end up a loner and regretful over many things I’ve done in my life.

I have used the excuse of being an introvert too much and have gone to the other extreme. And today that stops.

I am going to make a concentrated effort to pursue friendships and opportunities to help others grow into who they’re supposed to be.

It all started when I felt like my dream of being on staff at a church was no longer going to happen earlier this year and maybe even last year. And in many ways, I have allowed it to not happen by not pursuing opportunities given to me. And I don’t think that I can continue down this path. Because ultimately, I am not fulfilled doing anything else.

I once heard a pastor say that if a pastor can do anything else, they should. And honestly, no matter where I go, I always come back to the thought of being on staff and ultimately, when I look at my future, I don’t see anything else. I just see God using me to lead worship and to instruct others into what it means to follow Christ. And I must pursue that with all that I am or else I will waste my life.

But honestly, I don’t know what to do. So I’m going to do the only thing that comes to mind and join in with those closest to me and do what I can to help them grow and then see where that leads me. Helping those closest to you is always the best place to begin in order to find yourself.

What kind of things are you looking to start now to be better for your future?

One thought on “Close

  1. I am going to pursue a certification in Leadership Coaching, and narrow the niche towards women in leadership – whether in civic, church, or marketplace groups. God has begun giving me opportunities, but I also don’t always take the needed steps. My word for this year is Boldness – to speak what He gives me with a fresh boldness that also translates His loving heart. My goal is for this to grow and pay my way. And in 2013, God gave me a name that I’d been praying 3 years for – Sozo Life & Leadership! You can see my site at Your suggestions are welcomed! Much love and blessings to you, my friend!

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