Shipping is better

The other day, I saw a post on my friend’s facebook about a book that he wrote. And suddenly, I got intensely jealous. Because he wrote a book. And you can find it here.

It is not what I expected because you can read the whole thing in 15 mins or less but it is quite awesome. I recommend it because honestly, it defines my life. It defines the place that I have been for some time.

And while initially, I was extremely envious. I am motivated to do the same. Not because he wrote an epic story similar to Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter series but because he accomplished his goal and wrote a book.

I have always wanted to write a book as far back as I remember and yet I’ve made very little progress. A smidge is all. You could say I’ve only written a dot or a tittle. That’s all.

But my friend, Evan, finished what he started and though it is small, it is done. And most of the time, finishing is better than anything else. Or as Seth Godin puts it, shipping is always better.

So finish something today. You’ll feel better and we’ll be better for it too.

And go check out Evan’s book, here. Also, while on, get this shirt for me. I’ll be wearing XL by the time it gets to me. You may also want to check out Evan’s blog here.


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