Work: The original 4-letter word (pt. 2)

I’ve determined that that year is gonna be greater than last.

But its not my greatest year. Because I’m hoping and working to have my greatest year be my last.

You see, I’ve always wanted to go out on top. Because I don’t want to spend my life yearning for the glory days (Cue Springsteen who just released another album many years after others have called it quits). The days of hoping to relive the times before where we were once better than what we’re going through now. I do not want to spend time reminiscing because I haven’t gone through anything good since.

I know many people who have felt that no performance ever lived up to what they once did. So I’m preparing to go out on top.

And by going out on top, I meant to go out like Jordan did with the Bulls after that shot (push?) over Byron Russell. Or like John Elway did with his 2 Super Bowl wins in his final 2 years. Or more recently like Ray Lewis. Or like Johnny Carson ending his Tonight Show run.

I don’t want to go out like Jordan on the Wizards or like Favre with his 3 retirements and ultimate shattered ankle thta made him quit playing with the Vikings (who is a huge rival to his long time team). Or in a huge controversial way like Paterno or Richard Nixon in the shadow of a scandal. Or like Conan getting wrongly booted from his short-lived Tonight Show run.

So this year will be greater than last year for sure but as I’ve been saying, I’m laying a foundation that I can build a huge pile of greatness upon. And it is only a pile of greatness because I’m determined to have God do it through me because I’m working towards it as hard as I can. I thiink this is what Paul refers to as “pressing on towards the goal of the upward calling” in Philippians.

And I mean, through ME. Not through just my friends or my church but through a part that I’ve taken on to bring His kingdom to this earth. So here’s to this year being greater than all previous ones but also to remember that the best is yet to come.


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