Work: The Original 4-letter word (pt. 3)

If you could take a pill that would change your life, would you?

It could be a pill that causes you to lose weight. Or to be debt-free. Or to have a better walk with God. Or a better relationship. Or to grant and receive forgiveness. Or to have that career job you love. Or to have a ton in savings. Or to feel happiness, peace, and joy all the time. Or that date with that girl/guy you’ve been staring at every day at work when they walk by or when you go out of your way just to see them. Or that book you’ve been meaning to write. Or that place you’ve been meaning to visit. Or that set of six-pack abs you’ve felt should be yours that brings smiles your way from all the girls admiring your physique which brings jealousy from all the guys who want to know your secret. Or that wife that does all she can to support you in every way possible that is the best mother to your little son who is the spitting image of her and whom you hope to become the greatest man of his generation.

If you could take something or do something to make any of those a reality, would you? And if not, why not?

That question has been on my mind recently because it leads to my latest excuse that could be wrecking havoc in your life as well. “It is just too hard.” Honestly, that is just a statement that I’ve turned into an excuse and I’ve let it hold me back. But when you say that something is hard, you at least acknowledge that it is and that you just haven’t got the courage to step up.

And the first step in the journey is always acknowledgement for where you are. So let’s not take that for granted because it is huge. And all the steps afterward get a little bit easier because you gain more and more courage along the way.

So let me ask you again, if you could do something to change your life, would you?

Because honestly, we can have all of the above by simply, catch this, putting forth the effort. By doing the original 4-letter word, W-O-R-K.

I’m not saying this is true for any of you, but I tend to yearn for a lot of things and hope for them rather than work towards them. And it is so freeing to realize that those who work are those who accomplish what they want. And those who don’t work, don’t get anything they want. So go find out what you want go get it. Let L-A-Z-Y be your new 4-letter word and avoid it at all costs.


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