Let them know…

This past weekend at Awestruck Church, my pastor Josh spoke on a great topic. Women. Yes, he did something no other pastor I’ve ever seen do. Women and how men should relate to them in marriage. He even started by quoting some controversial topics in the Song of Songs.

You should definitely check it out on iTunes.

But he said a few things that I wrote down. Vickie even looked at me a couple times to make sure I wrote them down.

The one that hit me the most was a simple thought that is key for any marriage. It is a great thought because it birthed even more thoughts.

“Let them know you’re thinking of them.”

So simple yet so difficult. Because it is easy to settle once you get married. Easy to just lose sight of where you are in life.

I got married and then stopped dating my wife. Stopped looking my best. Trimming my beard. Stopped working out (well, I was never good at that). But we stop and settle.

And the best thing about Josh’s quote above is that it led to an even greater thought.

Before we got married, Vickie and I had something to prove. We had to show one another that we were worthy of each other’s love and then once we got married (achieved our goals/dreams/etc…), we rested on our laurels.

I figured that I had what I needed so I didn’t have to work hard to keep it. And that is the reason a ton of marriages fail. You could say that they lost God in their lives or lost the communication or had financial issues but honestly I believe it is because they settled and didn’t work to improve.

What a great thought that hopefully sparks me to live a better life by pursuing my wife in more and more passionate ways each and every day. I hope that you are encouraged to continually improve in all ways.


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