Drop what you don’t love

My hope for you is to drop what you don’t love and do what you do love. I believe that this is the key to you finding contentment and doing the most that you can.

There is a definite limit to this because even doing what we love will have moments of frustration and angst but if we adopt this principle, I wonder how different our lives will be.

This principle is radical I know and honestly, I don’t know too many people who live this way. In fact, I can count on one hand those pursuing their dreams. And this is so sad to me.

So I urge you to go after your dreams. Maybe you can only start with 5 mins a day. Let’s make a promise to each other to at least focus on what we love for however much we can each day.

There are many people who desire to do things that they aren’t doing. And for some, they’ll never do it. They’ll continue to live lives hoping for more and yet never pursuing it. Don’t be that person. I have been that person and looking back, I hate it.

Drop what you don’t love and do what you do love. Your life will instantly change if you follow this simple principle.


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