I have always wanted to be an Olympian. Not winter, mind you because I hate skating and all that cold stuff. I didn’t even like going to Appalachian State to try out for the music program in the month of February. It was like 10 degrees there and I decided not to attend that school simply because it was too cold. But maybe I could have joined the Jamaican bobsled team.

I have always wanted to be an Olympian. But I’ve never had the focus or determination. In fact, I never ran track or played sports organizationally past middle school. I wasn’t close to 10,000 hours in any sport except maybe Tecmo Bowl/Madden, Bases Loaded, or NBA Live.

But I like watching the Summer Olympics. Swimming. Basketball. Track. Even Gymnastics. And I appreciate the idea of the winter Olympics but can’t watch for some reason. Maybe hockey or speed skating but that’s pretty much it.

However, this thought of an Olympian has sparked me to realize that I have never been a focused person. I have not shown the determination to do just one thing. Michael Phelps swam 8 hours a day for years before competing. I haven’t done that. Michael Jordan only played basketball, until he switched to baseball that one year. And Bill Gates only worked on computer programming the whole time. I haven’t been like Mike or like Bill.

Yes there was all this other stuff they did. But for the most part, they became pros at what they loved. Their passion led them to work hours for nothing and without even a sliver of possibility for reward. And because of this, they are experts at their passions and people will always remember them for what they love.

So my suggestion is for you to do what you love and become an expert at it.

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