Love > doing the dishes

What’s the thing that drives you up the wall? That leaves you bitter and yearning to get away from it all? The thing that most needs to be done but has the last spot on your list of priorities?

Mine is doing the dishes.

“Why not switch to paper dishes, Jason?” you ask. They suck too. Because second on my list of hated things is taking out the trash.

I can’t stand it. I loathe that time of the day (or week since I tend to let it build up). But I’ve realized that doing the dishes may be the most spiritual time of the week for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that I don’t get in the Bible enough or that I don’t pray because I do those things. I’m just stating the fact that I hate dishes and therefore, it is a huge sacrifice for me.

The reason it is the most spiritual is because I may hate dishes but my wife loves it when I do them. She is extra nice to me on the days I do the dishes and for that alone, it is worth it. Happy wife, happy life right?

Wrong. I do the dishes because I am called to sacrifice for my wife. I am to lift her up in all the ways that I can. I may even be a stumbling block to her by not doing the dishes because I am simply helping the fury to rise up within her.

My pastor Josh has been in a series called Love and it has explored the idea of showing love in all relationships yet the thought that sticks out to me the most is this:

You are most like Christ when you are serving your wife/family.

That thought is changing me for the better.


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