Do you surround yourself with doers?

That’s a question that was asked of me recently. And honestly, my answer is not really. I tend to gravitate toward those who have big dreams. Moments of hope that will take the world and turn it upside down. Elements of radical change that lead to lives transformed.

I used to say that I was around dreamers because those are the people just like me. But I’m realizing that that has simply become my excuse.

And I’m making a change in my life. It is not that I want to be around people who simply focus on today but it is about surrounding myself with those who can help me accomplish my dreams. Help me to get to where I need to be. Yes, need to be.

I know people that are younger than me that have accomplished 1,000 times more than I have. NBA stars are 10 years younger than me. College freshman were born in like 1995. I was in line at the movies to see Independence Day.

I know some friends who have written books. Some are even published. I have friends who have written 100’s of songs.

Yet here I sit with my hands in my pocket hoping for more in this life.

It’s time to get up. Who’s with me.


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