I’m being short

I’d like to think I’m a good husband and father but I’m realizing how short I can be with my family. Not just short in outbursts of anger or frustration but short in the sense of my attention span. I tend to give them a little bit of my energy at the end of the day. A very short space of time, I’m realizing. I tend to give what’s left and not what’s best.

I am probably better than some and worse than others but honestly, I don’t care. It is not enough and I’m trying to work on it. Trying to be home and be present way more than I ever have been before.

Giving my family my all is not coming home and turning on the TV. It is not coming home to read a book or to just zone out and go do something I want to do while neglecting them.

It is asking them how their day was immediately after kissing my wife in a passionate way. Maybe make her embarrassed to be around the kids. Ok, I’m slightly kidding. Slightly.

Giving my all means asking them how they’re doing and listening. Really trying to comprehend it and take it in. It also means playing a game with your kids. Or wrestling them to the ground and letting your imagination take over just as much as theirs. It means sitting with your wife and helping her with what she may need.

Giving your all to be a better father is hard work but in the end, you’ll have followers of God because of it. If you just come home and watch TV, you’ll all just zone out and become followers of whatever you are consuming.

Let’s switch from consuming things to being contributors. Create something with your family. But start by being an active part of your family. Stop being short and give them your all.


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