No bad gig

Jerry Seinfeld is one of my comedy idols. The fact that his show Seinfeld still amazes me is so shocking to me. Because it went off the air like 15 years ago.

And his new show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.

In the show, they do what the title suggests. Talk about life and comedy.

In a recent talk with Jay Leno, Seinfeld says that there is no bad gig. Leno then describes a terrible gig he had at the Playboy Club in the 70s where he was graded on his performance. And Jerry asks him, “you got paid, didn’t you?”

No bad gig. I like that concept. Because it means what I’m doing now is not meaningless. It means everything is preparation for the future. Nothing is bad because it’s all going somewhere.

It also means that there is no downtime because every situation can better prepare us to go after our dreams.

So don’t get down because your influence isn’t where you want it to be. Simply move forward knowing there is no bad gig. Maybe you’re in the practice stage. Or possibly in the early stages of funding your dream.

Do all you can to better yourself, your influence, and your skills.

Because there is no bad gig.


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