Stories have always fascinated me. Walter White. Jack Bauer. Edmond Dantes. Jack Shepherd. All of them. Almost any good literary or television adventure can capture me. It could be concerning dinosaurs, dragons, and time travelers. However, I haven’t yet embraced a certain time lord. (Convince me its not childish).

Because I connect to them. I embrace them. And so do you.

There is no better way to grasp a truth than to hear it in story and that is why Jesus used stories and that is why you and I need to share our stories today.

No powerpoint presentation will change the world. Because no truth can captivate like a story. The change that occurs through a powerful story has the power to take over the world. It happens all the time. Jesus’ life changed their world and therefore it can change yours too.

But the crazy truth is that your story of change would be great if only you’d share it.

And that’s where the power of stories comes from. It starts when you share it. It does nothing if left to yourself. So start sharing what is going on with you. Maybe someone needs the encouragement. Maybe someone needs the hope to continue. So let’s give it to them.


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