Bread crumbs

There are many ways to discover what you want to do with your life but ultimately the best way is looking through your life and seeing what you’ve loved the most. There are clues everywhere. Bread crumbs if you will.

It could be music or writing or talking or building things or giving advice.

Whatever it is, you’ve been doing it all along. Maybe not in the way you had hoped. But it’s there. Hoping you’ll discover it and pursue it even more.

My realizations for how much I love writing and music and speaking stem back to childhood. I always loved standup comedians as far as I can remember. And music is in my blood. Writing doesn’t come naturally but I love to do it.

I can remember recordings I made of myself telling jokes (stolen ones) and songs I made up on trumpet or just singing. And stories I wrote about Batman and Superman as a kid in my black composition notebooks.

And after seeing those bread crumbs I have learned that the real feast is up ahead if only I’d resume the journey.

So let’s dig in.

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