Dreamer vs. doer

I know lots of dreamers and then I know a lot of doers. It’s sad that these are different people a lot of time. But it’s true.

Dreamers have their eyes on the prize but miss out on the day to day. While doers miss the forest for the trees.

I am trying my hardest to become more balanced. To find that perfect middle ground between dreaming and doing.

Because one without the other is worthless. I tend to be more of a dreamer and miss out on the follow through and I’ve been working through it a lot recently. I’ve written more in the past 3 months than I did the previous year. And I’m excited to share more of it with you.

But know this, even though I’m working on being more of a doer, I desperately yearn to dream up better futures. So here’s to better days and better years by dreaming harder and doing more.

Which side do you tend to lean toward?


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