Our legacies

A couple weeks back, my pastor shared a message that could have been depressing. Could have because it spoke to our insignificance.

He started by asking us questions in relation to what we remember about our grandfathers. What was their dreams? What was their biggest regret? What did they worry about? What excited them?

Honestly, I couldn’t answer most of those questions. I could answer some but then he had us take it a generation back to our great-grandparents and asked us this simple question: Who remembers their name?

This was really only half the audience. And that’s only 3 generations removed. That just our dad’s grandfather. Or our grandfather’s dad. And a bunch of us didn’t even know their name. Much less the legacy that they left for us.

And this is scary in itself because what we’re doing may not matter.

But then moving forward, he led us to this fact. Their biggest legacy is us. What they poured into their kids came down to us. What they focused on the most is what their kids learned the most. And so on. Until it got to us.

This is huge because what we do matters. What we choose to think about and talk about each day will pass on to our kids. But more importantly, those we choose to pour into through discipleship and mentorship will impact everyone that they, in turn, meet. And then will be passed on to everyone that that person meets until it becomes our greatest legacy.

So choose today to focus on that which matters most: our legacy of teaching the next generation in whatever ways we can.


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