Chasing perfection

I am a Lakers fan. And a Panthers fan, by default. Sadly, I’m also a Cubs fan. I know that is even more tragic. And I hope to see them all win more or at least, one championship in the case of the latter. But I am worried that all these years of failure will not be quenched by reaching a win, especially because the Panthers and Lakers aren’t making great strides for the future.

I read some quotes by Kobe (as if you don’t know his last name) recently that touched something deep down in my soul. He said that he is driven to chase perfection. I love that.

He knows he may not catch it but that’s his goal. And that’s what I want to make my goal.

That’s why he gets up early to shoot jump shots until it hurts. That’s why he runs so hard and watches more film. That’s also why LeBron James does the same thing. And Tiger Woods. And Christopher Nolan with all his editing of movie scripts and films.

Because the chase of perfection is their goal. They know that they may not hit that mark but they also know they won’t even come close if they don’t even try. So they set for themselves the highest standard.

I believe that this should be our goal as well. Not that we are to not even release or ship our stuff until it is perfect but to strive with all we can and all that we have to grab ahold of perfection.

Let’s join in and do it together. Maybe we won’t reach perfection but we will likely reach greatness and excellence.


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