Shoot for the stars

“You can be anything you want to be.” That’s what we were taught growing up. And honestly that is about as similar as saying that when everyone is special, no one is special.

I believe this thought has screwed up a lot of people because they feel that everything should be handed to them. And honestly the only handouts in life are at soup kitchens and charity events. And this is one reason that I am scared for the next generation.

We have to learn to work hard to get what we want. The things we can get if we work are astronomical. We can literally shoot for the stars.

I’ve been watching the series Cosmos on Fox and I have been fascinated. None of my friends are watching it or at least, none have admitted it to me. And this show makes me quiver thinking on how much work scientists have done throughout history. I quiver because it scares me how much harder they have worked than I have ever thought possible. It intrigues me as I watch eating leftover kale or whatever healthy treat I can scrounge up in my nearly-depleted-of-goodness kitchen.

It baffles me because these scientists did amazing things. And I have little to show for what I’ve done. Especially in comparison. Some of them have literally been around the earth while I struggle with getting up early.

But I’m encouraged to pursue my dreams and to go after what I want. Maybe I won’t get to the moon but I can at least shoot for the stars.


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