I have a beautiful bride. Gorgeous in her temperament and absolutely stunning in her looks.

But the resolve of this woman has astounded me for the past year. She’s lost 50 plus pounds and is now a Beach Body coach. But those things aren’t what make me love her.

The thing that makes me love her is her determination to pursue what she wants. I used to think that I was the dreamer of the family and she was the doer but honestly, her dreams are much more terrific than mine are. She dreams in color while mine are vague images in black and white and this has led her to some awesome things and she has a great future planned out for herself and more importantly, planned out for our family.

If it wasn’t for her, this family would fall apart and many of you know this. And sometimes she reminds me of this. But in a funny way and not in a I-told-you-so way. But I am so happy to say that she is my wife. Even if she sat on the couch and was lazy, I would be blessed to bring fast food to her each and every day. But thankfully she doesn’t want that because she has an awesome work ethic and character plus she has a fine body to go with it that is getting even more stunning every day.

So to you, Victoria, on your special day. I love you. I love you more and more each day and I’m thankful to share this life with you. Thanks for all that you are becoming. It truly inspires me and I’m glad that you have taken the journey to inspire more and more people each day.

I love you.


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