Constantly learning

I can’t really remember statistics but one blew my mind.  The statistic is that the total percentage of college students who will never read another book after they graduate is 42 percent.  Wow.

And only 33 percent have read one book after high school graduation.  I’m not sure if it is true, but judging most of my friends/followers on facebook, I would have to agree with it or at least see it come close.  Someone should snopes it (yeah one new thing I learned about was this great fact-checking website. Thanks Mike). But here is a link to the statistic above as well as many other interesting ones on reading.

You see, this statistic blew my mind because I am on the complete opposite spectrum of these people.  I hope to be constantly learning.  I know many people who just stop growing as a person and I think that this is the saddest thing.

I have much to learn in regards to life but I believe I am better today than I was last year.  My word of choice for this year was discipline and I have been working out more and writing more and reading more effectively but I’ve got a ways to go.  And that’s okay because I’m having more fun.  I’m even doing dishes more and trying to keep my area clean wherever I’m at.

It is all a growing battle but ultimately, learning is what we’re about.  If we’re not learning, we’re digressing and I never wish that to happen to me and I hope you don’t want that either.  It is just like with muscles.  If they’re not worked, they will experience atrophy and then wither away.

It is a constant process and it is one that I hope you are on because without growth, you’re just dying.

So if you are one of those who hasn’t read a book since graduating college, resolve to tackle at least one soon.  Just put down the iPad or the smart phone and kick yourself off Facebook or that new TV show starring James Spader and go read a book.

You’ll be better for it and I believe that you’ll feel better because of it.  Don’t let all that hard work in college be worthless because you didn’t want to continue learning.  Pick up a magazine about your favorite field/subject and dig in.  Get one of the books recommended in said magazine.  Or find a Reddit feed and ask those in that subreddit what books to read on that subject.  Or pick up your Bible if you’re a Christian and go at it.

Just step out and learn something.  Take guitar lessons.  Learn calligraphy.  If you’re obsessed with video games, pick up a book based in the expanded universe of that specific world.  Discover something new.

Devote yourself to constantly learn.



3 thoughts on “Constantly learning

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  2. Great post. I’ve never understood people who say (in a way that sounds like they are bragging), “I don’t read”. Anyone can NOT read. It takes no skill whatsoever to be uneducated.

    • I’ve always felt that way, Mike.
      That reminds me of a Chris Rock bit about people bragging about not going to jail. “You aren’t supposed to go to jail.” So funny.

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