Walking up the ladder

With March Madness ending last night I had one thought. My team wasn’t in it so I didn’t care too much about who was playing. The ACC didn’t show up this year so it wasn’t exciting for me.

But I noticed that walking up the ladder has to be the greatest feeling. One reason it is special is simply because no one does it before that moment. I know that they likely did it in the conference championships and regional championships but that’s your only practice. No kid thinks about cutting the ropes as the ultimate feeling or goal when thinking about winning a NCAA tournament.

Do they even do it in the NBA? If you’re interested, here is a story about how cutting down the nets began. I really enjoy it even though it involves the Tarheels’ most hated rivals.

But walking up the ladder is a huge endeavor. It means nothing if you do it at the wrong time but everything in the right moment.

And that’s why it is special. You can’t rejoice before you’ve done anything. Don’t pat yourself on the back if you haven’t even started.

You have to earn the chance to walk the ladder or crack open that expensive bottle of champagne. It takes work to make it worthwhile. But without that work, it won’t be fun to celebrate. It would just be fake.

Climbing to the top of a mountain makes the view that much more worth it.

So let’s celebrate with some humongous ceremony but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and climb that ladder before we’ve finished the game. It’s better, way better, to wait until we’ve accomplished our goal and then go nuts. So stay in the stands just a little bit longer before you charge that court. Is that enough references to waiting? I think so. I’ll see you soon.


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