Surprise parties

Surprise parties have always annoyed me.  I’m not sure why.  I must have had a surprise ruined for me when I was a kid that I have suppressed to this day.  Who knows? Maybe I discovered when I was 5 that my dad got me the Ghostbusters house early and thus realized that the easiest way was to just figure out what the surprise was so it wouldn’t continue as a shock to me.  Or I just hate them innately.  I’m thinking the latter.

But I have learned since planning my wife’s surprise party last week at the wonderful PF Changs that it is amazing if I can be a part of the planning but not a part of the actual surprise.  Planning the party was ok but it was difficult communicating details and organizing around people’s schedules but I knew that the end result was going to be amazing.

I even hope that my wife will write her thoughts on the surprise party for everyone below in the comments because I loved her reaction.

She had no idea or at least, didn’t let me know it. But I was so ready for it all to be over because the anticipation was killing me.  It was like waiting for that cliffhanger to be resolved after a summer of waiting on your favorite TV show.  Or worse, like reading a great comic book and then having to wait a month to read the conclusion even after you just drove straight from work to get that month’s edition and read it in the car in 10 minutes before pulling out of the parking space to go home.

So to get rid of the surprises in my life, I don’t read monthly comics or watch TV shows week in and week out anymore.  I controlled my way out of them and honestly, I believe that I will be in for a rude awakening once something that i can’t control surprises me but ultimately, I think I’ll be okay until then.

Honestly, I wrote this without an agenda but I now realize that my agenda has become a humblebrag of my awesome job of throwing my wife a surprise party. You’re welcome.

What is something you don’t enjoy that much but have done for those you love?

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