A couple weeks ago, we had a get together for the one year anniversary after my father-in-law, Charlie, passed away from cancer.  It was a time to gather and share some memories about him as well as to just enjoy each other’s company.  Of course, this is hard time for our family and I know that we miss him more than words can express.

It was a great experience but it honestly didn’t dawn on me until afterward how much it meant to me and how much it would have meant to Charlie.  You see Charlie was a great man.  He was a former Marine and that alone intimidated me but he always called me son and even more remarkably, he treated me like I was one.  And for that I will always be grateful.

But the thing that I know that he wanted most was for his family to stay connected.  To stay close.  And honestly, that is an awesome thing to desire because a lot of families fall apart when a tragedy strikes or when money gets involved after a death in the family but Vickie’s family has stayed together through it all.  Of course, they have their struggles but ultimately, everyone cares for one another and I know that Charlie would be proud.

Honestly, I would be proud at the same outcome for my kids and that is a great way to leave a legacy of love. Because my son will see it and rejoice and then pass it on to his kids.  And that is worth sharing.


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