Like a fool

Ever not listen to what is going on around you?

I don’t mean the type of selective hearing that is good for you.  But the kind that results from you not being present or not paying attention.  The kind that allows you to miss the small things.

Let me set the scene.  One time I was at a party and I met this girl whose name we will say is Jen and as I walked in, she introduced herself to me and then I, like I always do, repeated it back as such, “Nice to meet you, Jen.  I’m Jason.  Who do you know here, Jen?…Lovely to meet you, Jen.”

Because 3 repetitions is enough to drain it into your system enough to establish a memory.

Well not this simple name.

Because later on, we were talking and she had something that I wanted to buy from her and I was going to put her name in my phone, and I said “what is your number?” as you do during this phase of the exchange.  Followed by, “remind me how to spell your name.”  (Mainly because I forgot her name).  And she politely said, “J-E-N.”

But wow, I felt dumb.  Thankfully, no one else overheard.  I would have been laughed out of the party.

Recently I’ve realized I do this all the time.  I miss out on the moments I’m in because I’m somewhere else.  I’m at a place of daydreaming about the future or reliving my day or thinking what I’ve got to do this week or any number of other things.

And because of this I looked like a fool and also missed a great opportunity to go above and beyond for Jen.

So today, when someone is sharing something with you or you’re doing a great project at work or for school, focus on nothing else but that thing, be it listening, writing, researching, studying.  Your life will be drastically enhanced because of it and most importantly, you won’t look like a fool.


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