Dealing with jealousy

Over the past few months, my wife has become a Beach Body coach and she has been an awesome success.  She is even at the top of her leader board as a coach (selling Beach Body programs such as T25, P90x, Insanity, and other drinks and protein shakes such as Shakeology).  And I have been working out more and more but not getting the results that she has gotten over the past year.

But then, I read a recent post of hers dealing with consistency. Here is a link for your reading enjoyment and so you’ll be inspired as I was.  Go ahead and read it.  I’ll be right here waiting.

This post hit me in the teeth because she made it so simple.  She showed me in 500 words or so that nothing is going to be done in a short burst.  It is all a marathon and about that continued focus.  Letting nothing stand in your way is how great things are accomplished.

My wife has always inspired me but never more so than in the past few months and I’m glad to be on this journey of life with her.  She has set her mind to changing the world through every person she meets and I’m excited to see what happens because of her determination.

But the thing I want to share with you is that it is sometimes hard seeing someone succeed so much while you are struggling to get through whatever you’re going through.  Sometimes succeed feels like a curse because when others get it, it feels that much more out of reach.  Yes there are times where I’m happy and excited for what is happening in someone’s life but there are also times where I’m just angry it is not happening to me.

And honestly, with Vickie I have huge times of celebration and excitement but then that frustration sometime creeps up behind me.

You know what gets me out of it?  Asking to join in.  Requesting their attention to help spur them on further.  Helping them take that next step, be it through promotion or what have you.

I have another friend right now preparing to release his book and boy, am I envious of where he’s at.  But I’ve learned to channel that energy away from jealousy and towards asking how I can help spread the word.

This jealousy we sometimes have does nothing but discourage.  I doesn’t really drag them down but it does slow us down and for that alone, it is not worth it.

So celebrate the success of others, but also join in that success by helping to spread the word or to offer to help them edit, create, dream, or whatever else you feel good about doing.

Maybe then, you’ll be able to write a blurb or something on the back of their new cd, book, or product or service.  But overall, even if nothing happens, you’ll be better because of it.


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