Dream jobs

What is the career that most interests you?  The one that if money were not an option, you would love to have?  The one thing that would be the most fun thing for you to do?

I’ve been thinking of these questions a lot lately for no reason other than to help me discover what I most wish to do.

All my life, I have struggled to find the one thing that I’d love to do and I can’t for the life of me narrow it down.  But a dream job, those seem within reach, at least while trying to capture it in our imagination.

My dream job would have to be hosting the Tonight Show.  Similar to Johnny Carson back during his 30-year reign.  Yes, I love Jimmy Fallon and watch him regularly through clips.  But Carson was the king.  He caused a toilet paper shortage because he made a joke about them going out of stock for good due to huge oil price spikes.  No one captured the hearts and minds more than he on late night television.

But besides that impossible job, I’d love to be a writer.  Inspiring others through words like these here. Leaving behind a legacy for my son to share with his kids and with all those that come after them.  To have something I worked on be on a shelf, either digital or real, forever.  Or at least, longer than I live.

I feel that dream jobs are reachable but I don’t think it involves a position but a place where you can be who you want to be.  Where you can do the things that bring you life but not in a way that ties you down.  This thought excites me because everything is now open and I can once again, do anything I want.

What would you most want to do?  What excites you the most?

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