Capturing moments

The Thursday before my wife’s birthday, I had arranged for about 30 plus of her friends to join us at PF Changs to share in the surprise.

Vickie had no clue about it and as far as I know, no small thought crept into her mind enough to question me and call her attention to this event.  And it was worth all that planning because her face was priceless when she walked out on the patio to see all her friends shouting “Happy Birthday”.

Then her eyes immediately met her mom’s and she almost started crying.  It was so worth it just for that moment.  Just to see her reaction and joy in the short time.

There are many moments like these in our lives but honestly, we miss them.  We don’t take the time to see those moments. Because we didn’t put in the time preparing for it.

Because we are not preparing, we are honestly squandering so much that could change us for the better. Moments that if captured could radically alter the course of our lives.  And I have had it with losing these times in my life.

So I’m preparing to capture moments better by using these 3 ways of being:

1) Selfish with what I need to do.
I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish.  Things I’d love to see happen in my life.  One is writing a book.  I’m coming up with more and more ideas concerning this each and every day and I’ve never been more excited about it than ever before.  But honestly, I have a wife and son who want to see me and I want to see them, so my time is not my own.  So if I want to do the things I want to do, I have to find the time.  And as Jon Acuff pointed out in his great book, Start, we have to be selfish with these things and he suggests starting before or after they get up or go to bed each day.  Yes that is a sacrifice but it is a worthy one if you want to capture the best moments in life.

2) Open to change
I must be willing to be open to interruptions and to not be discouraged by them.  Jesus once was going to see a dead child’s family and they wanted him to perform a miracle and raise her from the dead.  But on the way, a woman who had a disease that caused her to bleed constantly, grabbed the hem of his garment and stopped him on the way.

He didn’t get discouraged by her but asked her why she did that and she said it was because she believed that He had the power to heal her.  And because of this lady’s faith in just interrupting Jesus on His great mission, she got to be healed and Jesus got to teach great things to the crowd on hand.  Then Jesus went and performed a miracle to the already-upset family who had been waiting on Him and had to wait even longer with the “interruption”.

These interruptions may be the real reason you’re in the situation you’re in.  Don’t let your job or your whatever get in the way of a great moment because moments slip by in a flash. And we can miss them because we are so focused on having this control over our situation.

3) Reflecting on everything as I’m in it or immediately afterwards.
This idea is best captured through writing down the things that happen throughout your day.  This is why I keep a journal and why I ultimately write down the good points in every message I hear.  Because if I didn’t write it down, I wouldn’t remember it and therefore. wasted my time by being there.  And it is the same way with my life.  Writing it down helps me to see how much fun something was or how tough it was or whatever emotion it was.  And when I know the emotion, it helps me always remember that moment.

My hope for you today is to have better experiences more.  Because it is within your grasp, as long as your eyes are open and you are willing to step in and see it happen.  I truly believe that our life will be greatly enhanced because of it.


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