Plastic people

14.6 million people had plastic surgery in 2012.  Let’s say that again.  Out of 312.8 million people in America, 4.66% had some type of plastic surgery.  Almost 1 in 20.  Translated that means, someone in your family had some type of plastic surgery.  At least, one of your cousins had some type of enhancement done to their bodies.  Yes, not all of these could be for some non-cosmetic reason but some were.

There are people who spend way too much (time, money, thoughts, etc…) on their looks or their apperance.  I know that it is hard to figure out what to wear but ultimately, it is just one decision in a long line of decisions you’ll have to make that day.  Frankly, I hardly spend any thought whatsoever on my looks and I get hounded all the time for it (especially for a haircut).  And I need some new shorts because I own like 2 pairs now.

And when I see people like this who make themselves out to be a Barbie or Ken replica, I just get annoyed.  Because it is too much.  Too much fakeness and plasticity.

If I had the chance to speak with these two, I would let them know that I wish that they had a better life than one where their complete focus was on their looks. Or quite literally, on their face.  I wish you had more going for you than that because if that is all you have, then you have no future.

Yes, appearance is great.  Your face needs attention because that is the thing that we all stare at when talking with you but don’t let it be all that you have going for you.  At least, Ashton has more than his pretty face and body going for him.  And he’s a producer, actor, etc…

And all this leads me to realize that it is past the time that we should just focus on that one thing we feel we’re supposed to do.  There is so much more that interests us than just one thing so why should we sell ourselves short and our friends and the world when we have so much more to offer than just one thing.

There is no one thing you’re made to do.  There are tons of things that you can do.  So focus on them.  Find what most excites you and go do it.  Don’t become this plastic person who is fake and then say that the only thing you have to offer is your face.  You’re so much more than just a pretty face.


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