Finding out why is the best adventure

There are policies at my job which I don’t understand.  I have to send notes to certain people after I do certain steps along the way and honestly, it makes no sense to me or to anyone I talk to. But it is a policy I am expected to follow without question.  And that gets under my skin.

Most people do things they don’t necessarily know why they do them.  But they are expected to do them because they’ve always been done that way or because at one point, it was a great thing to do.

Going through life without thought to why you’re there is the common perception among people but I know you want to be different.  I know that you desire to be better than average.  And I hope that I continue to yearn for this.

I was recently listening to the Nerdist podcast and Chris Hardwick was interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger and in that interview, Arnold said, “Why would you settle for average?  Average is bullshit.”  Why not strive to destroy your competition and go above and beyond?

Why settle for average?  Why settle for the same routine day in day out, when that is not something you love?  And not something you wish to do with your life?

Why not ask why?  What if that is the game changing question for your life to be dramatically improved?  There are reasons those who ask why are more successful.  They get to the heart of the matter more quickly than those who just go about their days.

In fact, Mark Twain once said, “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  I love that.  Because I’m searching for the why.  In many ways, I have been searching for why I’m here and what I’m to do but honestly, I feel like I’m just getting started and it is exciting.

Finding out why is the key to happiness.  It leads to our success and joy.  And yet, we do not think about these things and allow ourselves the time to discover the why of our lives.

So today, spend some time asking why and let it determine the coming days.


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