Don’t let the start be the end

I wish I had the skills to BS people more.  Not sure why this is a trait I seek to have but I think it would be beneficial.  It may even help me get past the whole idea that is so prevalent around writing circles, that of writing what you know.

Because I’ve realized how dumb that advice is.  Writing what you know will only take you so far.  And that is why it bugs me so much.  Because writing what you know is where you start and yet so many stay there.  But you better not end there.  You can’t just write what you know because eventually you’re done writing what you know.  I know that if I just wrote what I knew, I’d be done in a couple days.

The key is to get outside of your comfort zone and explore the new thoughts you have.  The ones that could lead you to your next great discovery.  The ones that may terrify you but will eventually lead you to that great breakthrough you’ve been searching for.

Don’t let your start be the end.

Don’t let how you begin be how you always practice.  Eventually, you move past just straight scales if you are a musician.  You still do them because yes, they provide a great foundation but you then add arpeggios and riffs and circle of fifths with alternating notes in conjunction.  You build upon what you know to gain knowledge to step out into the unknown.

Eventually, you will get to the end of your knowledge if you don’t keep learning.  And a huge part of learning is to keep learning new things and build on that foundation.  To get past where you’re at and do something fresh.  I actually wrote here about that recently.

I hate going to the same restaurants over and over.  It gets tedious and unexciting.  So we try and find a new place every once in awhile.  Listening to the same old music I’ve listened to for years drives me up the wall crazy.  So I have learned to use the Discover function on Spotify and let it take me to brand new sounds that sometimes gives me a new appreciation while other times I just find myself fast forwarding through songs.

But I want you to understand that there are new things to discover.  New things to seek out.  There is a place to start but please, I beg of you, don’t end there.  Build upon the foundation but let it take you somewhere new and fresh and real that you never dreamed of going.


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