It is that time of year again.  The time of year where pollen spreads itself over everything.  But it is also the time of year where we have to cut our grass becomes it now grows.  Or if you’re like me, where you cut your clovers and patchy grass that won’t grow except for where your dog poops.

This time of year is always interesting to me.  I love it because I get to go to the pool but then once I’m out of the pool, I hate it because its hot outside.  I’m not a fan of heat.  Not anywhere.  My car is okay for the first 5 minutes of a winter storm but immediately after warming up, I hate it.  It becomes too much.  I come close to suffocating.

And summer is the same way.  Summer allows me to use air conditioning.  Yes, it is a necessary evil to me because I don’t turn on the air during the winter but summer allows me to do so.

And for that reason, I love summer.

Well honestly, I have another reason but that is because I’m a big fan of pool basketball.  I have learned to get the pool shoes that embarrass lesser men because my heels get torn to smithereens while “running” to dunk on some 15 year old kid, boy or girl.  No discrimination here.

And honestly, I can operate at those “breakneck speeds” while using all the force necessary to jam it home over all defenders.  But I love talking a good game.  I feel like the only “sports” I can talk junk in are pool basketball, Fifa soccer on Xbox 360, and table tennis.  That’s about it.  When I was in middle school, I could make it rain three’s but no more.  I get too winded during regular basketball.  But pool basketball is right up my alley.

I guess I just want to share this so that you will know that once you find your niche, you should exploit it to the best of your ability. Or I could be writing this to challenge anyone who thinks they’re ready for my skills.  You decide.


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