Car troubles

Having car trouble stinks.  Having a timing belt break 6 months after getting it replaced is a whole new thing.  But having it under warranty can be a lifesaver.

Even if that shop just happens to be closed the day you need it looked at and doesn’t open until the next Monday 4 days away.  Also having a very slow shop that can’t work on it till Tuesday takes it to whole new depths of sucking when you have already been without your car for 4 days.

Who knew you would need a car when you drive to work every day?  Apparently, not this mechanic.  Not this shop because they had their own timetable to work and didn’t really react to my urgent pleas to hurry it up.

Luckily, I was able to work from home but not after enough headaches to keep Advil in business singlehandedly for the week.  I know many people that would not have been able to do anything but wait until they finished the car in order to earn that money.

But even after all that, the thing that drove me up the wall was that after working on my car for 2 days (on a one day job tops) when you let it sit for one day and not calling me at all to update me on the “progress”, you have the audacity to ask me to refer you to the next person I know with car trouble.  That gets under my skin.  I guess you did your job of asking for referrals but not earning them.

On the other hand, I took it to another shop and they gave me a rough estimate on what had happened and how much it was going to cost me and what they recommended I get, an hour after dropping it off.  An hour?  That’s awesome.  And then they updated me every couple hours to let me know of the progress, even though I had no idea what they’re talking about.  This latter company is the one that earned my business.  Especially when they quoted me an estimate and then had it come out way less.  That’s always better.

Don’t over promise me on what you’re going to do and then not live up to it and then go on a spiel about having me refer you to my friends.  I don’t think I’ll be referring you Mechanic A.  Warning is more like it.

But Mechanic B (if you must know, this is the great shop I’ll be going to from now on), you went above and beyond.  I’m glad you went above and beyond because you now have a customer for life and I’m referring you to all my friends.  And I’m excited to know you.

Great customer service is hard to find but oh when you do find it, you sell all that you have to obtain it.  Sorry, if I offended you by stealing a story from Jesus to use to compare customer service.  But that is my Jesus Juke of the day.


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