Creative Responsibility

What stopped winter from coming?  Winterfell and it can’t get up. (Found here).

One of the biggest shows on TV right now is Game of Thrones.  I myself have watched Season 1 and was fascinated.  I could have done without all the needless nudity but I kind of expected it (because it is on HBO) and I just prepared myself to close my eyes when I saw it coming (which was actually pretty easy) so I got through it.

George R.R. Martin seems like a genesis but an odd one at that.  He has been known to kill a ton of his characters and does not leave any stone unturned because his books are like 1,000 pages each.  You deserve a degree if you make it through one. But they are great books if not obnoxiously long.

Mr. Martin was on the Nerdist podcast awhile back (you can find it here or on iTunes), Side note: the Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick is one podcast you should definitely check out.  I feel that it is still one of the best podcasts out there.  I listen to it regularly and even go back through and listen again almost every week. But Mr. Martin was on this great podcast discussing a ton of different things and they got on the topic of why he went back to writing books, because he used to be a successful TV writer for shows in the 80s.  And he said it was because he kept getting told that he couldn’t do certain things because they were a) too expensive, b) filled with too many characters, or whatever else.  And he said he wanted creative control so he created his own world from scratch.  But he didn’t realize how true it was that with great power comes great responsibility.

Here is what he said that got me: “Creative control is awesome but we need to have creative responsibility just as much.  We’re the ones to blame when we have complete control.  We can’t blame anyone else after that.”

Sometimes going out all on your own is the thing to do but remember that just because someone is over you now doesn’t mean you have complete freedom on your own later.  You have an even greater responsibility on your own.  Recently, Jon Acuff wrote (Read it here) about being wrong because of how naive he was about being an entrepreneur and he said that he had no idea of the amount of help he would need along the way.

I love this concept because it makes me realize how much something costs.  If you want to strike it out on your own, you can do great things and be in the thick of it all but you will also take the full responsibility and you must ask yourself, are you ready?  Ready to take on everything.  Because if not, it may be better to wait for someone else to catapult you to the next level.


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