Beginning is hard

Beginning is always the difficult thing to do. Especially when you haven’t done something in a long time.  I have been in this constant cycle recently of working out.  Starting and then stopping.  Only to restart a routine a few days/weeks later.  It has been quite frustrating.  But the thing I have realized is that I need to press in that much more when it becomes easy to just quit to start over at some future time.  I need to will myself to continue when it gets tough.

And I know that most of you know what this is because it should be common sense by now.  But I have learned that it is just as difficult to do in spiritual terms as in everyday terms.  I have come to realize this truth.

The reason it is hard to hear God at first is because we’ve been ignoring Him for so long.

We have only called upon His name when things didn’t go our way.  We honestly weren’t too thrilled about doing what He wants us to do, unless things went south quickly.  And this is sad because we could learn so much if we just dive in for these moments.

So let’s make a pack for whatever it is that you wish to do.  Just dive in and maybe then you’ll be able to reach the other side and obtain that which you seek.


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