Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day for me.  Not just because I am a dad now.  Although I love being a dad and I’m thankful for my son everyday.  But this day is special because I have the greatest father around.

Some fathers play the part very well.  So well that they leave many lesser men jealous. But some dads play the part of both parents.

Those are the ones that inspire me the most because I can’t imagine having to do everything on my own.  Vickie saves me from nervous breakdowns at least twice a week.  And I have an easy child compared to many other parents I encounter at the local hell hole known as Chic Fila.

It is not a hell hole because of the food.  Because the food is delicious.  Holy, even.  It is a hell hole because of the crazy kids that partake of this restaurant’s luxuries.  It is like every pastor’s kid goes there.  And we all know that pastor’s kids are the worst.

But my dad raised me from 7 years old on to become who I am today.  So you can blame him.  I mean, thank him.  And he did it all by himself.  Yes, he made mistakes but I’m thankful for all that he taught me.  I am blessed to call him father and I am honored to give my son just a little glimpse of what I experienced from growing up with my dad.

I love you, Papa Bunch.


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