What about the other half?

Going back through my life, I am very cognizant of my lack of motivation to continue.  I jump start on whatever passion I have in the moment and then eventually stop.  And as one of my favorite cartoon shows from the 80s constantly pointed out to me, “knowing is half the battle.”  But what about the other half?

I have known the fact that I stop after some progress for some time but I’m now beating myself into submission to stop stopping.  To continue.  To plow through the hardships.  And to reach for whatever prize or calling I’m trying to claim.

Knowing is half the battle but doing wins the war.  Or as the pastor in me yearns to say, “information is great but without transformation, it is worthless.”

And for that reason, I’m about to embark on some great things in my life.  I’m going to start a challenge group for those guys interested in moving through a program of workouts, whatever they may be.  Guys who are wanting to stop thinking about losing weight and to start actively losing a ton or as I’m calling it, to Lose a Bunch.  But it could also be for guys looking to gain muscle and eat right and finally get on track physically.

This is one area of my life that I have neglected for too long and honestly, I have started and stopped many times.  I did T25 (Shaun T’s intense workout) for about 6 weeks and got into great shape and lost a good amount of weight but then I had one Mt. Dew and thus brought down an avalanche upon my life.  I am still recovering from stopping then.  But for the past couple weeks I have done great.  I have gotten up super early to work out and do a program with tons of reps of weight lifting called Body Pump and I am even doing a Couch to 5k program right now.  I have done great but what I need is to continue.  I have huge aspirations (to lose 70 pounds) and I must have some great daily rituals if I am going to accomplish what I want and what I know I need.  And this is not only for me to get healthy and strong and to look and feel great, but also for my family whom I hope wants me around for as long as possible.  But it is also for you, the person who is struggling right now to continue.  The person who feels too overwhelmed to begin and to depressed to go after what they want.  I know you need this and I know that I can be a motivator for you.  Because I am going to continue.

A lot of this started by seeing my wife lead people to greater health and greater passion. She has been a huge inspiration for me and I am so happy to be a part of her life.  I know that she did it last year (when she lost over 50 pounds) and that has sparked me to believe that I can do it too.  I have seen firsthand, people in my community and church lose a bunch of weight by eating right, drinking right, and working out consistently.  If they can do it, so can I, and so can you.

And I am not trying to start this and let you think that I know everything but I do know that if I have this, I will hold myself accountable and can help spark something in my life and yours.  So don’t think of me as the person at the top (maybe at the scales though) but as the one who just started this, hopefully, huge movement amongst us.

So if that is you, please send me a message on facebook (facebook.com/musicbunch) and we will get started soon.  At this time, I am looking for just guys to join in this group.  If you are a female wanting this same thing, still send me a message but I can point you to someone much more qualified than I, my wife, Victoria.



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