One in a million

This phrase has been uttered all over. You are one in a million. I used to think it was special to say that but then I realized how wrong that thinking was. It truly limits who we are to just be one in a million because you are so much more than this.  

I don’t know if it stems from a lack of understanding as to how big the universe really is and how many people really exist because if you truly are one in a million that would mean that there are 6,000 other you’s living right now. And that’s just not true. 

We take things and we say them. But we don’t truly mean them.  

Sounds a lot like our lives doesn’t it?  

What if I were to tell you that “you” have never existed before?  

No one has ever had your exact interests. Or your exact upbringing. Or grew up in the place you did or with the family you grew up with. No one has married your spouse at the exact same time as you did. No one ever had your kids or your job at the time that you did. No one who has ever lived is exactly like you. And this may sound dumb but it can be revolutionary for your soul.  

Yes this can be scary but ultimately, it should be refreshing. Because you are you and no one else can be you. They can try but ultimately they will fall short. You are the original and everyone else is a copy. And for anyone who has ever used a copy machine, the copies do not line up to the original. They get the picture at a glance but they don’t get the down and dirty. They miss some key details.  

This should also be freeing because it lets you determine your success or failure. You don’t have to have a 9-5 job to appease the Man. You can work every day or every other week. Or whenever inspiration strikes you. This day and age is also the best time for these types of people because these people are the ones who are willing to embrace who they are and live and change the world from that standpoint.  

We don’t have to go through hoops anymore to be who we are.  

So today, don’t settle to be one in a million. Strive to be the original. Or the one and only. You. 


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