What updates teach me about doubt

 Doubt is a constant struggle for some people and I recently came across a quote that got me thinking more about it. Here is the quote:  

“How can I be so sure of my beliefs when the next book on the shelf could completely change my perspective?” – Brian Regan (yes the standup)    

People are sometimes afraid to dive in because they don’t know what may occur to them later on that could change their mind about what they’ve thought. But think of all the things we’d not have done or accomplished if we didn’t just take the plunge and dive in now. What would life be like if all of us just waited till our stuff was perfect before releasing it out in the world?     

Take a second and look at some of the discoveries of the past 10 years. Facebook. Twitter. iPhones. Quesalupas. Continuous variable transmissions. Pluto not being a planet. That new pixie hairdo women love. The Internet. Angry Birds. Halo.   

What if these things weren’t released until they were perfect? What if they made sure to answer every single question before releasing? If that were the case, we wouldn’t have an iPhone 6 or any social media site. It would still be in the lab being tweaked or they would have moved on from them and found something else to not complete.  

Perfection will never be attained and neither will perfect knowledge. But the ideas that are presented are infinitely better than the ideas still being studied. Or said another way, ideas on the market are better than the ideas in the lab. Or simply, faith lived out with a little bit of knowledge is better than faith thought all alone in an ivory tower.   

Yes, some things will come out that will change your whole perspective and may make you question your product or your execution of your idea or even your faith. But that’s okay. That’s why computer apps and programs have updates.  

Take doubt for instance. Yes, sometimes, you have faulty beliefs that just aren’t mature enough to handle all the things thrown its way but don’t throw it out completely. Update your faith based on what you’ve learned. Car companies tend to release products before all the tweaks have been worked out as well. They call them safety recalls. And they are excepted by almost everyone.  

Your faith is best lived out at whatever stage it is at. Don’t hold it back because you can’t answer every doubt or question that comes your way.  

And please, please don’t stop questioning when an idea strikes you that is outside your normal experience. I know many people have left the faith of Christianity they were brought up with because of a professor or book that shattered their previous experiences with faith. This new thing definitely made them question everything about God. But the problem was they stopped questioning the new things they were learning. They just assumed all the new things they were learning were truth. They simply presupposed all the new ideas and let it define them and ignored their previous faith and all that they had known. If your parent taught you one thing and then a professor taught you something else differently on that subject, you would be a fool to stop listening to your parents entirely based on the one truth that professor taught you. But you’d also be a fool to not take the truth that was presented to you.  

I’m all for truth. I’m not saying hold onto Christianity because I grew up with it and don’t want it to be changed. I didn’t really grow up in the church. I came upon its truth later on and honestly it has evolved and deepened over the years. Jason 10 years ago was an idiot. Jason 10 years from now will be a genius compared to Jason in the present.  

I’m just saying that because you learned something from a secular teacher who hates Christianity, or whatever faith you hold to, doesn’t mean you have to accept all his views. Take what is good and honorable and true and let it update your faith. Consider it a faith recall. Not a doubt overhaul.  

If your doubts cannot stand up to your faith, then you have a still-developing faith. And that’s okay. Get surrounded by people stronger than you and smarter than you. Find people who will take you under their wing and show you the way. If you’re not being challenged, you are not growing. I don’t think God is as honored by those who think the same as they did 10 years as those whose faith has deepened and understanding has blossomed to new heights.  

And know this: Doubt is okay. God never told us to not doubt. But at a certain point, you have to just take truth wherever you find it. But use it to update your faith.    


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