Hope is a tough thing sometimes.

Because our circumstances can be extremely $h*tty.

Honestly, it is hard to live life when hope seems to run away every time you approach.

No amount of change can bring you hope.

Which is why

You need to change your perspective.

Don’t focus so much on what’s to come.

Focus on right now.

The joy you experience playing with your kids. The feeling of exhilaration when the clocks strikes 5 and you get to leave.  The end of a semester.  The simple presence of a child.  The fact that YouTube and standup comedy exists.  Your favorite superhero.  The chance to take a moment and see what Frank Underwood will do to his foes.

Focus on right now.

That’s one key to living that I have found over the years.  Yes, life gets thrown all out of whack and there is no clear way out of stuff sometimes but ultimately, at least you have a breath to breathe.  More than likely right at this moment, air just entered your lungs.

And if that is the only gift you get, there’s hope for another day.

And that’s enough to keep going.


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