I think the above quote speaks a lot.  I want to be more of a nerd because of it.

I know that in our day and age, this word can be seen as a negative thing and I know many who were called it or threatened with being called it.  In middle and high school, you’d do everything in the world to not be called this feared word but nowadays it is a trendy name.

There are shows built around it and it has become the new thing.  You can think Big Bang Theory but you can also think Top Gear (car buffs), Kitchen Nightmares (chefs), MythBusters (scientific nerds), as well as Louie (comedy nerds), etc….

There are many who are nerds and who are now proud of it.  In fact, one of my favorite podcasts is called the Nerdist Podcast (If you haven’t heard it before, stop reading and go listen now because they get some great guests and it is hilarious but there is some language so if that’s not your thing, find something else to enjoy).

I think it greatly matters what you are focusing on but I value people who are passionate about something.  I tend to be interested in too many things at once and I struggle to focus but I’d take it over having no passion any day of the week.  But let’s take this quote and break it down because it can truly become your mantra if you let it.

You.  Start with you and don’t worry about what others will think.  Spend some time finding out this for you.  Then encourage others to do the same.  You then them.  

whose unbridled passion 
What are you interested in?  What keeps you up at night?  What gets you up in the morning?  What do you get excited about?  What do people know you for doing?

for something
I know it is for something but what is it?  Jot down a few ideas and make a list of things you are interested in and then try to narrow it down.  Try and laser focus here.

or things,
It’s okay if you can’t narrow it down (I can’t) but start small.  Don’t say that you want to be a firefighter and the president.  Narrow it down.  For me, writing is a huge passion but ultimately it is the whole idea of communication so I can focus on speaking, writing, conversing, whatever.  These are the things that come out of my primary passion.

defines who they are as a person,
This is where it gets great because certain things can lead you down a destructive path and we don’t want that and you don’t need that.  Find the things that you want to be defined by.  They will be good things.  Not necessarily great things because that comes later but find wholesome things to do.  Find things that you can look back on in 50 years and be proud of.
But also find the things that you’ve been doing all along.  There is a tape recording of me singing at like 3 years old.  Music is in my blood.  But also, I was a very curious and creative kid and made up stories and adventures all the time and constantly asked why.  So it has become my mission to find out who I’ve been all along and let that continue and let it shape me for years to come.

without fear of
This is where you will struggle.  Just being honest.  Don’t let fear overtake you.  Embrace it and harness it because it will keep creeping up.  Why do you think God said “be courageous” so often in the Bible?  Because they were freaking sacred of everything.  Why do you think we value those who are brave more than any other?  Because we are all terrified of something.  You’ll be that way.  And that’s okay.  Keep moving.  Whatever you fear, because it will come in many forms, keep going.  Don’t take a pause.  Keep pushing and hustling.

other people’s judgment.”
This is tough because people will try and squash your ideas.  Some will make an active effort but most will just make subtle comments that you construe in a bad way or they will just discourage you with it for no reason.  Some will actively work against you.  Avoid these people. Some will passively work against you.  Avoid these people as well.
Find those who love you and support you no matter what.  Make sure that they are telling you the truth at every turn but make sure they love through it.

So ready to sign up with me and be a nerd?  I hope so.  This world needs passionate nerds focused on what they can do to make it a better place.  I hope that this quote (and some of my thoughts on it) has inspired you.


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